Canada Labour Collective Agreements

(b) if there is no collective agreement for the unity of collective agreements, a collective agreement for the tariff unit to which the premium refers (2) A union may apply to the Board of Directors for certification as a bargaining partner for workers affected by a collective agreement or arbitration award pursuant to subsection 1, but may apply only during a period during which an application for union approval may be made in accordance with Section 24. British Columbia Labour Relations Board Latest AGREEMENTs in PDF format. Searchable, searchable by employer name. Free. 7. Where the board has issued a warrant in accordance with paragraph 4, point (c), that part applies to the interpretation and application of a collective agreement or arbitral award concerned to that effect. (a) part of the collective agreement for the rate unit to which the mark-up relates or (2) Where a collective agreement provides that a provision of the collective agreement may be amended during the duration of the collective agreement, a contracting party may ask the other party to commence collective bargaining within the time frame set out for the revision of the provision. Ontario Ministry of Labour – Collective Agreements e-Library Portal The Collective Agreement e-Library Portal houses public and private sector collective agreements in Ontario. Look for collective agreements and related generations through the self-service online portal. You can browse the portal of the e-Library of the Collective Agreement by sector: construction; Health and social services Manufacturing; Education and related services; agriculture and natural resources; Public administration Trade and finance; Transportation, communications and utilities; Other services.

(b) the collective agreement contains provisions defining procedures where that any issues relating to the conditions or security of employment that may be affected by technological changes can be negotiated and settled definitively for the duration of the agreement; or secretariat of the Treasury Board of Directors. Current collective agreements with all 25 bargaining groups in the federal public service. Free. for the purposes of Section 49 and this part, with the exception of Section 80, applies to the renewal or modification of the collective agreement or the conclusion of a new collective agreement. (i) determine whether the collective agreement or arbitration award remains in force and 49 (1) Each contracting party may, within four months of the expiry of the collective agreement or within the longer period that may be provided for in the collective agreement, require the other party to enter into collective bargaining for the extension or revision of the collective agreement. or the conclusion of a new collective agreement. Quebec City Construction Commission. Current agreements by sector, in English. Free. (b) the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Act applies in all respects to the interpretation and application of the collective agreement or arbitration award. (i) a collective agreement that intends to make a technological change that could affect the conditions or job security of a significant number of employer workers subject to the collective agreement and which could affect the security forces to report technical changes to the bargaining partner. Collective agreements, at least one hundred and twenty days before the date when technological changes are to be realized.

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