Caravan Pitch Licence Agreement

The conditions for the client to occupy a parking space on the park should be treated under a parking license agreement that should contain details on the payment of parking and other charges, the caravan`s insurance obligation and how and when the agreement expires. If you wish to buy or sell a holiday park, it says that parking license agreements cannot be transferred. You are personally for the parties to the license. This means that after the sale of a holiday park, all existing licenses will be automatically terminated. In these circumstances, new park owners should contact the owners of the parking space to accept new licensing agreements. Timely management of new licences can reduce the risk of costly litigation with pitchholders further. Do I pay stamp duty if I buy my holiday home in a caravan? Can I rent my holiday home if I`m not there? For more advice on an agreement, please contact a consumer advisory organization or seek advice. There is a list of useful contacts below. Can I occupy the caravan holiday home permanently all year round? You and the owner of the park have legal rights and obligations. The agreement must be clear, so that you can understand your commitments and what you can expect from the park owner. The owner of the park should not use unfair clauses in the agreement and cannot deprive you of your legal rights. If a term proves unfair, it is not binding on you and a park owner cannot rely on any point of disagreement. However, only a court can decide whether a clause is unfair and you must ensure that you are satisfied with the agreement before registering.

Make sure there is nothing in me that you don`t understand or that you`re not willing to accept. Fair questions about caravan/lodge holiday homes How to finance the purchase of my holiday home in a caravan? Do I need a building permit to install a holiday home on private land? Many holiday parks in England and Wales allow individuals to place their holiday home/caravans in the park for up to several years. In order to avoid uncertainties or disputes about the terms of use for parking owners, it is appropriate for vacation park owners to ensure that there are current licensing agreements for each customer occupying a parking space in their park. The British Holiday and Home Parks Association (“BH-HPA”) provides valuable support to its park members, including a standard form that park owners can use as a model. What is the cost of being responsible if I sell my motorhome? What are the unfair clauses? Unfair conditions are those made in advance by the park owner in an agreement that you have no choice but to accept or reject as a whole and that gives the park owner an unfair advantage over you. A park owner must be fair and open with you. How much does it cost to own a motorhome house? Should I have a licensing agreement if I buy a motorhome? You will need a parking space to use a static holiday caravan and therefore the contract will include a contract for the sale of the caravan and a license with permission to use the parking space. The agreement The terms of your agreement should be easily understood. You may also be asked to follow other terms.

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