Feasibility Agreement Definition

The consulting team works with the client to help develop the strategic mission so that feasibility studies and option assessments can be carried out. In the feasibility study phase, options are taken into account to meet the customer`s needs, which allows the client to prepare a business case for the preferred option and decide whether to continue the project. At this stage, it is possible to apply for a framework planning if the risk to the project of not obtaining a building permit is high or if delays in obtaining the building permit are problematic. A feasibility study is an analysis that takes into account all relevant project factors, including economic, technical, legal and scheduling considerations, to determine the likelihood of a successful project conclusion. Project managers use feasibility studies to identify the pros and cons of implementing the project before investing a lot of time and money. The consulting team evaluates the location information the client has provided to them and conducts location assessments. The team of consultants receives all other information on the site that may be necessary to carry out feasibility studies, such as. B: location surveys, location services information, site access conditions, legal restrictions, existing planning permissions, etc. If necessary, the client should obtain the consent of the client (for example. B location surveys requiring additional expenses). Feasibility studies reflect the individual objectives and needs of a project, so each of the two projects is different. However, the following advice may apply as a whole to the completion of a feasibility study. Here`s what you can do.

B: When you`re doing a feasibility study, it`s always a good thing to have an emergency plan that you`re also testing to make sure it`s a viable alternative if the foreground fails. A feasibility study is only an assessment of the feasibility of a proposed plan or project. As the name suggests, these studies ask: is this project feasible? Do we have the people, tools, technologies and resources to make this project a success? Will the project provide us with the performance (ROI) we need and expect? The Lead Advisor coordinates feasibility studies to determine whether the project is viable and to identify practical options. The client reviews the feasibility studies and accepts the options that the consulting team must develop. All these concerns and unknowns are good reasons to carry out a feasibility study that the college has finally carried out. In doing so, the school is advancing its expansion plans without having to leave its historic home. Had it not taken the time and effort to carry out a feasibility study, the college would never have known whether its dreamed enlargement could become a viable reality. If a provision of this feasibility agreement is considered illegal, contrary to a law, not applicable or not, and if the provisions of this feasibility agreement, which are essential to the interests of each party, remain valid and applicable, the other provisions remain valid and applicable, and the impugned provision takes full significance and effect intended by the contracting parties. , as permitted by applicable law.

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