Gateshead Housing Company Tenancy Agreement

“In cases where tenants clearly violate their lease agreement and they don`t want to work with us, we are able to remedy this situation. Jason is assistant sales manager at Your Homes Newcastle (YHN), which has been working in social housing since 1992. Jason oversees YHN`s overall business development and is responsible for the operational responsibility of two major departments operating throughout the UK. Since January 2020, he has been our Chairman of the Board of Directors. At the end of the fixed tenancy period, your lease becomes a “periodic lease” in which you have the right to continue to reside in the property and all the terms of your original contract are maintained. Your landlord can also give you another fixed-term lease. If you want to leave the accommodation, inform the landlord four weeks in advance. Or you can call 0191 433 4646 to talk to someone in the Benefits section or for Paying your rent on a one-time basis is important and a condition of your rental agreement; it also helps us get our services for you. We allow you to pay your rent as easily as possible by offering you a number of different payment methods. All rental accommodations must be a decent, safe and comfortable standard.

As a private tenant, you will usually receive a guaranteed short-term rental contract for six months, the property can be furnished or unfurnished. Always check your rental agreement carefully, as you may be responsible for paying water prices or other charges. Now Wardley`s man could spend Christmas on the street, as the Gateshead Accommodation Corporation prepares to bring him to court to evict him for a rental case. Calum`s strengths lie in acquisition, growth strategy, planning policy and distribution. Calum is director/owner of the development and development company Hamilton Willis Land and Development Ltd. Its context is primarily the acquisition of land, planning and the provision of housing. If you rent privately, you have rental rights and your landlord has a responsibility to you as a tenant. Knowing the basics can help you keep your property. The housing company alleges that Mr. May “clearly violated” his tenancy agreement and that they made several attempts to help him.

The rent may be higher than the council rent, you must pay a loan to the landlord before granting you the lease. Ken May will face Gateshead Housing Company in court Tuesday for claims he violated his broken rent We offer housing management services for housing companies with properties in Gateshead and manage more than 130 new building lots on behalf of Thirteeen Housing Group throughout the city.

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