Gotomeeting Baa Agreement

While technical security measures meet hipaa requirements, hipaa companies must also enter into a partnership agreement with service providers in accordance with HIPAA before using a PHI communications service. GoToMeeting proposes a counterparty agreement covering the use of the service and meeting this regulatory requirement. Hello Joe,If you refer this because of hipaa requirements, then this document should answer most questions:… Hello everyone, we ended up with all the layers of people at gotoassist/logmein makers on BAAS (Business Associate Agreement.) You do not grant BAA and refer to terms that prohibit gotoassist from being used for this purpose. I can keep talking about how logmein and gotoassist can`t be used for data covered by PHI/HITECH, not the point here. However, as GoToMeeting explains, “organizations should carefully consider all of GoToMeeting`s configurable security features in the context of their specific environments, user reconstruction and policy requirements, to determine which features should be enabled and how best to configure them.” In order for GoToMeeting to comply with HIPAA, it is necessary to incorporate technical security measures to meet the requirements of the HIPAA safety rule. Go make a BAA if you spend enough money – (hundreds of thousands a year) just get ready for fun in the years to come. Hospitals are beginning to set deadlines for all downstream suppliers to obtain HITRUST certifications. If you haven`t taken off yet, you probably won`t be ready in time. Especially when you believe what you say.

. In order to enable the use of cooperation tools between health organizations that must comply with the rules of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the tools must be subject to a risk analysis and be defined to meet the safety standards required by HIPAA. I was able to confirm that we currently do not have a BAA for LMI. The HIPAA document indicates certain features of GoToMeeting that need to be deactivated within a business account to meet these —, settings but does not go into detail of the full HIPAA requirements for industries, as we do not keep it informed.

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