Rbc Rrsp Account Agreement

30. Transmissions of the plan. When an annuitant instruction is provided to the agent in a satisfactory form for the agent, the agent transfers, in the form and manner prescribed by applicable laws, to another registered pension fund, to a registered pension plan or to a registered pension plan of the Annuitant, all or part of the property, as indicated in the sense. , as well as all the information necessary to continue the plan to the agent designated by the annuit, except that this transfer may take place to a registered age savings plan or to a registered old-age income fund of the spouse or former spouse of the spouse or former spouse of the spouse, if this is the case under an order, order or judgment of a competent court or a written agreement of separation. which relates to a division of ownership between the annuitant and the annuitant`s spouse or ex-spouse as part of the regulation of the rights of their marriage or society through the common law. 26. Self-dealing. The services of the agent are not exclusive and subject to the limitations of the powers of the agent provided by other provisions in this statement of confidence, the agent may, for any purpose, and is expressly authorized from time to time, at his sole discretion, to name, infect, infect, infect, invest or be directly or indirectly related to persons , companies, companies, foundations, trusts or entities whether on its own behalf or on behalf of another (in trust or otherwise), and that it can benefit from it without being held to account and not having to breach this declaration of confidence. Please choose from the links below to view, download and print some of our most frequently requested account and service agreements. (a) The agent may resign with a written notification to the agent, which is necessary from time to time under an agreement between the agent and the agent. The annuitant is informed of such a resignation at least 30 days in advance. On the effective date of this disclosure, the agent is deranged from any other function, liability and obligation under this declaration of confidence, with the exception of duties, responsibilities and debts that were performed prior to entry into force. (f) provide annuitants with bill statements for the plan at least once a year; 23.

Count. The agent keeps an account for the annuitant that records the information relating to all contributions, investments and transactions in the plan in the currency in which these contributions, investments and transactions were made and provides the annuitant, at least once a year, with a clearing of the accounts.

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