Services Agreement Edgar

Using the CUSIP database, you agree to the additional terms and conditions of CUSIP Global Services (“CGS”) and the American Bankers Association (“ABA”), as shown below. You understand that such use of the CUSIP database from and between you and CGS and ABA only takes place: Edgar Online reserves the right to increase the annual fee over the previous period`s annual fee by increasing the recently published Consumer Price Index by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, plus 2% (2%) increase the increase. All payments are due within 30 days of receiving an invoice. All outstanding payments are increased by one and a half per cent (11-2%) 2000. per month. If you do not pay an amount within 30 days of receiving an invoice, Edgar Online may suspend its performance under this contract and/or terminate the contract immediately. Any suspension or termination of the agreement does not exempt you from paying all costs and you will be responsible for all costs related to this collection, including legal and collection fees. Thank you for buying or purchasing a subscription to EDGAR Online. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using this site.

By using this site, you agree to the terms and conditions of EDGAR® Online, a department of Donnelley Financial Solutions (EDGAR Online) that is listed below. Your subscription will last one year and will be automatically extended by one year, unless you notify Edgar Online at least 30 days before any period of your decision to cancel your subscription or until your subscription is terminated by Edgar Online. This automatic extension excludes special 2-day and 90-day offers for EDGAR Pro that end at the end of the specified period. All fees and fees paid to Edgar Online are non-refundable. They are billed annually before each renewal date. If you subscribe to our credit card services, we will only contact you by email when your card has expired. For your convenience, we will automatically update our files to record the new expiry date on your credit card, so that your service can continue uninterrupted, unless you let us know.

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