Franchise Agreement In Fashion Law

Another first step is to decide how you`re going to sell your new franchise offer. Do you need to use an agency to find your franchisees? Would this sales strategy affect your brand and its rapid launch? For example, would it make more commercial and strategic sense to use existing networks? This can include your accountants, lawyers, professional consultants or other credible sources who have trustworthy contacts, who are successful franchisees and who want to expand their brand portfolio. Cachon, G. P., &Swinney, R. (2011). The value of Fast Fashion: rapid reaction, improved design and strategic consumer behavior. Management Science, 57(4), 778-795. Choi, T.M. (2016c).

Multi-period risk minimization purchase models for fashion products with interest rate, budget and profit objective considerations. Annals of Operations Research, 237 (1-2), 77-98. Indian law does not regulate the termination of franchise agreements. The parties are therefore free to include termination provisions in the franchise agreement. Franchise agreements generally allow termination in the event of breach of contract and insolvency and determine the consequences of termination. Winsor, R. D., Manolis, C., Kaufmann, P. J., &Kashyap, V. (2012).

Manifest Consequences of Conflicts and Conflicts in Franchised Systems: A 10-Year Review. Journal of Small Business Management, 50(4), 621-651. To protect their trademarks and trademarks, franchisors usually register their trademarks in India. They enter into contractual agreements with the franchisee, for example through trademark license agreements or through the inclusion of detailed provisions in the franchise agreement. Xie, W., Zhao, Y., Jiang, Z., &Chow, P. S. (2016). Optimization of the product services system through franchise fee contracts in information asymmetry. Annals of Operations Research, 240(2), 709-729. Shen, B., Qian, R., &Choi, T.M. (2017).

Online luxury fashion sells with influences social reflections: changes in demand and coordination of the supply chain. International Journal of Production Economics, 185, 89-99. Shen, B., &Li, Q. (2015). Impact of the return of unsold in the retail trade Subcontracting Mode Supply Chain: A sustainability analysis. Durability, 7 (2), 1172-1185. Katz, B. G., &Joel, O. (1992). The existence of franchise agreements and some of their effects. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 10 (4), 567-593.

You need to know your position of power when negotiating with the potential franchisee to know which areas you might admit and which are untouchable for the business deal or to manage your legal risks. A good advisor will let you know what the market is and what is not. If your brand is the newest, hottest thing, and you have a line of potential franchisees who want a business relationship with you, then a firmer contract that favors you is more appropriate. If this is not the case and you continue to insist on unrealistic business terms, you will ultimately have a complex and lengthy negotiation with your potential franchisee, which will lead to delays and increased legal fees. Even worse, you can attract the wrong type of franchisee, who is too willing to make a deal with you on bad business terms, while smart franchisees may be less willing. Choi, T.M. (2016a). the impact of retailers` riskier behaviour on rapidly reacting mode supply systems. Annals of Operation Research.

The right legal concepts can take some time. Normally, the franchisor is to create the proposed form of agreement, so you need to act at an early stage to develop your franchise agreements. Polo-Redondo, Y., Bordonaba-Juste, V., &Lucia Palacios, L. (2011). Determinants of company size in the franchised distribution system: empirical evidence from the Spanish market. European Journal of Marketing, 45 (1/2), 170-190. . .


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