Free Trade Agreement Bangladesh

Vietnam, Thailand, Morocco, Malaysia, the United States, Japan, Canada, Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya, South Korea, India, KSA, South Africa, Mexico and Egypt, as well as three regional cooperation blocs from the Gulf, the Eurasian Economic Commission and MERCOSUR are the other countries or regions under consideration for trade negotiations on the FTA or PTA. The EU cooperates closely with Bangladesh under the EU-Bangladesh Cooperation Agreement concluded in 2001. This agreement offers a wide margin for cooperation and covers trade and economic development, human rights, good governance and the environment. The official said the global trade pattern has changed over the past decade and industrialized countries are focusing on emerging issues when signing free trade agreements or SAAs. Bangladesh must sign a free trade agreement (FTA) with the UK if it hopes to increase bilateral trade and private sector investment between the two countries, according to various local businessmen.

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