Lord Fairfax Community College Transfer Agreements

In addition, LFCC has even more transfer agreements to choose from, explore all the possibilities listed below. As part of the 2+2 recreation agreement, students would take outdoor recreation and guided tour classes such as outdoor rest, risk management, leadership and supervision, outdoor adventure and programming at LFCC, as well as a few general education classes. They could then move on to Shepherd and take higher leisure courses, more general education classes and subjects to choose from. Transfer agreements, course equivalents and other information that may be useful for the transfer process are listed for higher education institutions and universities that provide such information. You can obtain information on the transfer to unlisted higher education institutions by accessing it online. The unique format in which students evolve in a cohort of 12 to 15 classmates across the program increases academic achievement and attachment, said Margo McIntire, program director at EMU. Students and teachers build a learning community that supports them throughout their enrollment. Lord Fairfax Community College offers students more than the opportunity to earn a degree, certificate or ID card. They offer a gateway to Virginia`s colleges and universities, four years. Through agreements, students who earn an associate degree and a minimum grade average at LFCC can earn a guaranteed bachelor`s degree at more than 30 Commonwealth colleges and universities. This is the second agreement signed by Shepherd and LFCC. The first gives students who acquire a Chemistry Science Associate the opportunity to move on to Shepherd`s Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. The JMU has a guaranteed approval agreement with BRCC.

Students who meet all gaa requirements must sign a Memorandum of Understanding when applying for admission to JMU. Registration fees are waived for brcc students who qualify for the GAA. Ms Kate McDaniel, JMU Transfer Coordinator, signs both the Memorandum of Understanding and the non-payment form and submits it to the JMU Accreditation Body. Click here to read the GAA and access the Statement of Intent….

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