U.s. Suspends Bilateral Agreements With Hong Kong Escalating Tensions With China

In April 2001, an American reconnaissance aircraft collided with a Chinese fighter jet and made an emergency landing on Chinese territory. Authorities on the Chinese island of Hainan arrest the Twenty-Four American crew. After twelve days and a tense stalemate, the authorities released the crew and President George W. Bush regretted the death of a Chinese pilot and the landing of the American plane. The constant drumbeat of the measures taken against China is consistent with a central element of Trump`s campaign strategy. Political strategists are working to show the president as tough on the country, in order to shift the national conversation from his failures in managing the pandemic and the economy. The deals denounced Wednesday “included the surrender of fugitive offenders, the transfer of convicted persons, and reciprocal tax exemptions for income from the international operation of ships,” State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said. The 18th National Congress ends with the largest change of leadership in decades, as about 70 percent of the members of the country`s main governing bodies – the Politburo Standing Committee, the Central Military Commission and the Council of State – are replaced. Li Keqiang plays the role of prime minister, while Xi Jinping replaces Hu Jintao as president, general secretary of the Communist Party and chairman of the Central Military Commission. Xi delivers a series of speeches on China`s “rejuvenation.” The Trump administration on Wednesday suspended or denounced three bilateral agreements with Hong Kong related to extradition and tax exemptions, the latest in a series of measures that ease tensions between Washington and Beijing.

U.S. President Barack Obama receives Chinese President Xi Jinping for a “short-sleeved summit” in Sunnylands Estate, California, to establish a personal relationship with his counterpart and facilitate strained U.S.-China relations. The presidents commit to cooperate more effectively on pressing bilateral, regional and global issues, including climate change and North Korea. Obama and Xi also vow to set up a “new model” of relations, an allusion to Xi`s concept of establishing a “new type of great power relations” for the UNITED STATES and China. The United States, which supported the Nationalists during World War II against the invaded Japanese armed forces, supported Chiang`s government-in-exile from the Republic of China to Taipei, thus creating the necessary conditions for several decades of limited relations between the United States and mainland China. “The Chinese Communist Party has decided to break the freedoms and autonomy of the people of Hong Kong,” Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said on Twitter.

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